About us

Was founded in 1999 like an anonymous society of closed type, whose headquarters is municipality of Puerto Tejada, Cauca. The company has two production plants located in the municipalities of Puerto Tejada and Villarica respectively, whose total installed capacity is around 3000 tons of product per month.


LADRILLERA TERRA NOVA S.A. is perceived like a company with social responsibility for the community in general, whose objective is to satisfy the necessities of the clients of ceramic and complementary products, offering them a product of excellent quality, to the fair price and in the established term. On the other hand, we have a human service very close to each one of the members of the company they are already these, clients, suppliers or employees.


In ten years, Ladrillera Terranova S.A. Will be one of the manufacturing companies of ceramic products recognized by their commercial and human seriousness, as well as for the community of the municipalities where their plants are located.
The permanent preoccupation for the human capital will make possible to genereates a creative attitude of service to satisfy the necessities of the members of the company they are already these, clients, suppliers or employees.


ORIENTATION TO THE CLIENT: To be attentive to satisfy the necessities of the clients to maintain durable relationships
INNOVATION: Permanent disposition to create and improve products, services and processes.
INTEGRITY: Work with honesty and clarity, generating trust in the clients, collaborators, suppliers, shareholders and the community. To act under the mark of the law, fulfilling the technical norms.
RESPECT: To promulgate the tolerance for the difference.
SOCIAL COMMITMENT: Execution of their social responsibility for the communities in those that it operates.

Corporate Principles

• To treat all the people like I want to be treated.
• To develop to the maximum the human talent.
• To work in team.
• To guide our actions to the market and their clients.
• To impel the progress of our community.
• To protect our environment.

Housing Construction

Tile Ceilings

building Homes
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